Whom Iz I? I iz him…

Not the most flattering pic of me, but I'm not really that vain.

So, yep, that goofy looking guy above is me.  I’m a father, see?

These are the middle kids, there’s a twelve year old and a baby boy, see?


Naturally, there’s a mom to these boys.  I’m married to her, she’s the pretty one in the baby’s pic.  Here’s a better picture of her.

The twelve year old is from a previous marriage, and if you know me, then you know him, so enough said.  He’s totally cool, and turning into a pretty good young man (mostly, danged whippersnaper).

Truth is that you probably know my wife and only marginally know I exist, I don’t talk much until I really get to know you, being as how I’m introverted and all that.


Ok, as much as I love them, enough with logistics, on to the details.

I dream, I often dream big, REALLY Big,

Wanna fix up an old truck so it’s gotta be a crew cab lifted 4×4 with a 500 HP diesel monster motor.
Wanna build a boat, so I find plans for a 65′ Catamaran that looks like it’ll do, (why build a 10 runabout? won’t hold my whole family!)
Wanna build a house, floorplans show about 4000 square feet, vaulted ceilings, massive stone fireplaces, etc, etc.  (maybe a castle, that’d be cool)

Get the idea?

Ok, now I’ve decided to write. *mad grin here*
And I’ve found out I like it, really really enjoy it at a deep visceral level. I’m pretty sure what I’m writing right now is drek, but such is life, gotta start somewhere.

There’s no real objective, I jus tlike to write, and doing so keeps me sane.
Proof positive, I’ve not written a single thing in three days, they’ve been some of the worst day’s I’ve had in ages, suicidal, manic, depressive, obsessive, and just plain nuts… So, here’s what I’m thinking. I’ve gotta write, or lose myself in the larger issues of others problems.

Heck, I’m listening to Nickleback and it’s a positive influence, how’s that for warped?  In fact, here’s a quick snapshot of my current playlist.

Ride – Trace Adkins

Southern Hallelujah – Tracek ADkins

Burn it to the Ground – Nickleback

Flat Faced Diamond T – Jim Simmons

Little Red Rodeo – Collin Raye

A Bible and Bus Ticket Home – Collin Raye

It’s My Life – Bon Jovi

Boys in Cowboy Boots – Bailey

Hillbilly Deluxe – Brooks and Dunn

International Harvester – Craig Morgan

You don’t have to Go Home – Gretchen Wilson

Fruitcakes – Jimmy Buffett

‘Til I was a Daddy Too – Tracy Lawrence

My Last Yehaw – Cowboy Try

Play Something Country – Brooks and Dunn

Countrified – Halfway to Hazzard



So, well, yeah.  I’m odd, so is much of my off the cuff writing, and if I preach too much for your liking, stop reading.  I believe, and if you believe different that’s your option, but don’t expect me to change.


See you last Wednesday.

Daniel Oliver Caseys (DOC)

Aka (IRL) Paul Casey

and I’ve got profiles elsewhere as well, FB and Linked In, that kind of thing, drop me a line, I’m not shy, just introverted.




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