ODAT February 18, 2017 ~ Serenity ~

One Day At A Time


God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
the courage to change the things I can;
and the wisdom to know the difference.
The Serenity Prayer

My life before abstinence was a fight in the dark to stabilize my world and protect myself from more pain. Too much suffering was endured by this child. She never understood that she could ever come back into the Light. But, the fog is lifting now … there are days of clarity and joy. How could she have known? She was too little.

Circumstances change … memories fade away … I can be safe again … I can allow myself to be me. I will work my program to secure the Light again in my world.

One day at a time . . .
I pray to understand that the stream of life keeps moving … I will live in darkness no longer.
Margaret ~

Alleged Insight:


“God, grant me the Serenity.  I’ll handle the rest.  Shiny.”

If you get that quote, then cool, if not then well, we can work on it.

But truthfully, the serenity prayer is the foundation and for many, the introduction to the deeper mindset of the Al-Anon journey.  As such it’s well covered, and I’m not sure I can add more insight to it, it’s a good prayer, and appropriate almost all the time. But it’s late, I’m a day behind and I’ve a crazy amount of work to get done before the sun comes up.

Cheers and DFTBA.

Duke of Chaos

Standard Disclaimer: the text-reminder-and quote- herein comes from the book or website as noted at this link HERE. If you want to verify, look up your local AA or Al-Anon group.
But seriously, the work works if you work it. I’m doing this for me, for my wife, for our family and for our future.
By posting this material each day, I hope to hold the ideals in my awareness, and start with the small steps that make a big journey. ODAT is the slogan, and with God as my wing-man there’s a fair chance of surviving this adventure, for a while anyhow.
I am merely a tool in God’s toolbox.

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